Trackmania Nations Forever 2.11.26

Trackmania Nations Forever is a free online racing game that features more than 60 tracks

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    Racing games

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.1 (485)

Trackmania Nations Forever is a popular, free multiplayer online racing game with a variety of play modes, great depth, smooth graphics and an addictive quality that nearly all of its players will attest to.

Trackmania has been around forever – eleven years, to be precise, but various components of its game have been around since the early days of PC gaming’s history. Its track building mode harkens back to early platform games, and its basic mode of competitive gameplay, the time trial, may as well date back to the invention of the motorcar.

Trackmania Nations Forever is free, completely and entirely free, and it’s given away as the sequel to Trackmania Nations. Trackmania Nations has its own place in video game history. It was created based on Trackmania United, which itself was based on previous versions of Trackmania. Nations was built to be used as a competition in the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Confused yet? Don’t fret, all you need to know is that Trackmania Nations Forever has a long, strong history, and its developers care as much now as they ever have. Basically, you race a very fast, very maneuverable car around tracks that come in many various levels of difficulty, attempting to get better times than anyone else in the world. Difficult? Immensely. Addicting? Absolutely. Impossible? Nope!

You don’t always play against other players directly, although you can see the ‘ghosts’ of winning runs, which is a boon to your own line and, therefore, your own time. Mess up? No worries, you can restart any trial, any time, and it happens instantly. Trackmania Nations Forever gives you every possible opportunity to do well, with wait times excluded entirely.

You can play offline and practice, play online and try to rank, play online against the ghosts of your competition or you can play in stunt mode and do atrocious things to the laws of physics. Whichever mode you choose, there’s one underlying factor that will haunt you from the moment you race your first race. You will want to win medals, and you will want to win the gold ones.

You will, unless you have superhuman resolve or a physical aversion to online racing games, become addicted to this game. You will try to improve your lines, tighten your cornering, and hit that accelerator (you won’t need a wheel and pedals to play, but it would be helpful) at just the right moment to shave fractions of seconds off your time and reap the rewards of advancement.

Trackmania Nations Forever is simple in some ways, but deep and varied in others. Thing is, it’s free. Totally free. There’s no harm in having a look to see, for yourself, if this game is for you. Judging by its popularity, it probably is.


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Massively popular
  • Customizable cars
  • Build-mode for making your own tracks
  • Completely free to play


  • No collision during live races
  • May seem stripped down (different features) compared to paid Trackmania games
  • Lack of selectable car options

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